Annie Lovejoy

With 20 years experience of  practicing as an artist working in response to various contexts I have an ongoing interest in how the trans-disciplinary processes inherent to responsive practice might be critiqued and re-presented. My practice is non media specific, outcomes are produced as appropriate to context and have included planted / landworks, various architectural commissions for urban regeneration projects, and design in various media. The range of situations, sites, and locations I have worked in are equally diverse - eg. ferries, a lightship, a hotel, shops, streets, urban sites of leisure and contested spaces such as the International Festival of the Sea in Bristol. Projects further afield include international residencies in Hanover, Germany and Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia.

PhD research: Interfaces of Location and Memory

Through critical practice, the project investigates the trans-disciplinary processes that generate responsive work. These processes are informed by the interdependent experiential complexities of Caravanserai - a responsive arts project and residency space based at Treloan, a caravan and camping site situated on the Roseland peninsula in Cornwall.

Focusing on process rather than product, this project calls for a shift from philosophies of predictability to those of uncertainty and flux. As such, practices and philosophies concerned with place and process, within the arts, human geography and science offer potential permeable regions of exchange that might move beyond the categorical limitations of objective arts critique.